Real Estate Guide for Buying or Selling Houses in Canada


The Naked Homeowner

This book is a how-to guide for today’s Canadians to better understand the Real Estate Market, and to enhance their net worth with each transaction, whether buying or selling a home.

Planning to BUY or SELL a HOME in 2014? DON'T! Until You Have Read

Each chapter in this real estate guide provides the reader with examples and real-life anecdotes to vividly illustrate the subject matter. As well, each key conclusion is highlighted in the text at appropriate points for the SELLER or BUYER.

Home Seller Tips

• It costs no more to hire an exceptional Realtor than a mediocre one!

• How do we choose an exceptional Realtor?

• Commissions are negotiable!

• How does one negotiate commissions without jeopardizing showings by other Realtors?

Home Buyer Tips

• His maximum purchase price is probably the most important item of information the Buyer needs before he proceeds with a serious search for his next home. The Naked Homeowner provides a step-by-step guide to arriving at this very important affordability calculation.

• Do not be stampeded into making a quick offer! Don’t get so excited about a particular home, that you leave your common sense behind!

• Learn how to find and buy the house of your dreams carefully, and in a manner that achieves best value for you, rather than for the Seller!

• What are reasonable and acceptable “wear-and-tear” deficiencies in a resale house?

• What sort of deficiencies can be addressed by re-opening the negotiations, before removal of the inspection condition? …. See detailed examples of both.